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Who is Tom LAurent


My name is Tom Laurent and I would describe myself as a passionate modern-day content creator and adventurer. I love nothing more than combing my love of exploration and creating visual content that will grab the right attention.

In this fast-paced technological environment, the need for high quality and professional online content has exploded! That's where I come in and I have the skills to deliver the content you envision, whether it may be telling your story, showcasing company culture, or just having the best videos to share and promote your business. I guarantee that the content will take your company to another level.

how we will work together

The first thing we will do is meet together and discuss your vision! I will assist with creative and eye-catching ideas to add to your vision. Once we agree on the concept then we head to the next step.

The next step is going to be me shooting the whole project and doing what I do best.

After this I will spend many hours editing the footage, colour grading, sound design and produce a top-quality finished product. Everything on the video is included and a lifetime non-licensed track, so there will never be an issue using it on different platforms.

You will receive the finished product to preview and give feedback, which I will take into account and provide a final version with your revised input. After this its time to get the content online and attract some new costumers.



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